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Corrective Makeup

Microblading Eyebrows & Feathering

Before & After

Half Lip Shade

Lipliner and Full Color

This is the perfect procedure to prevent lipstick from bleeding into the surrounding skin and can also cover scars. The pigment color can match your own natural lip color or a more dramatic color can be applied, so you will never need to apply lipstick again.

Full Face


Eyeliner Top and Bottom

A thin line of pigment is placed in the existing lash line to make your lashes appear thicker and darker. Permanent Eyeliner Makeup provides a natural look that will enhance your eyes’ own beauty. From a soft, natural enhancement to a more defined line, the choice is yours. The eyeliner will also make your eyes appear larger and give you a sharp and well-rested appearance.


For anyone that has lost eyebrow hair or uses an eyebrow pencil, this procedure is for you. We can enhance brows that are uneven, too thin, or too small, including recreating complete eyebrows when they are missing. Never again do you need to feel the embarrassment of wiping your forehead and fear losing your eyebrows.